Use case: Life sciences

Whether scientists are trying to unlock the secrets of genes, chemical libraries, or strain characteristics, they are constantly challenged with data sets that, because of their size and complexity, obscure meaningful relationships.

Viscovery solutions provide a powerful visual approach to explorative data mining as well as advanced analytics that can reveal relevant dependences and provide predictive models that increase productivity and effectiveness.


Viscovery solutions are already used successfully in the life sciences and medicine for the following:

  • Gene expression analysis
  • Exploration of biological data patterns
  • Metabolic profiling
  • Medical diagnostics and pathological classification
  • Patient risk analysis
  • Clinical research
  • Health care system analysis
  • Treatment and prescription cost analysis
  • Knowledge discovery in medical data bases
  • Text mining and document classification


Gene expressionThis Viscovery application shows the clustering of gene expression data of cancer patients, exhibiting concurrences  of activated genes for biomarker discovery.

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