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Workflow Automation

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Automated update and application of predictive models

The Workflow Automation Services constitute a tool package available to complement Viscovery SOMine modules. The package provides dedicated services for the automated execution of each of the five workflow types of Viscovery SOMine.

User interaction with the tool package is performed through the Viscovery SOMine interface. Scheduled services run on behalf of the user, but do not require the user to be logged in on the computer.

Main functions and features

  • Workflow AutomationAutomated model update and application “in batch mode” at scheduled times
  • Execution of workflows as “tasks” on behalf of the user without need for further supervision
  • Consistent synchronization of interdependent tasks during automatic execution
  • Calendar display for scheduling tasks
  • Specification of input data sources and output data targets
  • Update of data marts and predictive models using new data from defined data sources
  • Application of classification or scoring models to relevant data and export of results to defined targets
  • Re-use of completed workflows as "process patterns"
  • Notification by e-mail upon completion