Use case: Retail and mail-order

Whether the issues are consumer preferences or evaluation of empirical data, better target group definitions facilitate focusing measures to meet consumer profiles. Quickly uncovering and understanding customer behavior are necessary to respond with the right action at the right time.

To address customer acquisition, retention, and reacquisition or optimizing storage and demand chain management, Viscovery solutions allow you to use relevant aspects of your customer base for marketing and media optimization, to develop and assess targeted campaigns as well as to facilitate decision making processes based on supply.

Viscovery solutions are already used successfully in retail and mail-order for the following tasks:

  • Customer segmentation
  • Response scoring
  • Campaign design
  • Campaign performance and profitability analysis
  • Customer behavior modeling
  • Online marketing optimization
  • Basket analysis
  • Product-customer affinity analysis
  • Demand forecasting


Mailorder responseThis Viscovery application shows a behavior profile of active mail-order customers living in large households.

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