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Vienna / Austria, 23 October 2018 The Viscovery team has compiled a selection of scientific articles covering diverse applications in explorative data mining, clustering, and predictive analytics. With this collection, data analysts can leverage a wealth of experience that Viscovery users have gained through the use of self-organizing maps in a variety of application areas.

Out of several hundred publications, a representative selection of more than 180 articles has been listed on the Viscovery website. Each citation is supplemented by a brief description of the objective and a download link to the corresponding article.

Analytical application areas range from drug design, healthcare and nutrition to social development, customer analytics, crime and security, banking and economics to sensor data analysis and industrial engineering. In aerodynamic design engineering alone, you can read how Viscovery was used to optimize the design parameters of airliners, helicopters and drones, supersonic aircrafts, rockets and race cars.

The full list of publications is available at


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Vienna / Austria, 29 June 2018 Viscovery has launched version 7.2 of its Viscovery® SOMine® visual data mining suite. The new version offers a set of features for improved performance in Big Data preprocessing, as well as for advanced annotation and interpretation of explorative models on multiple semantic levels.

Viscovery® SOMine® v7.2 comes with considerable performance improvements for preprocessing of Big Data. By using single-instance caching in data and model processing, the runtime for applying bulky definitions of nominal variables has been significantly reduced.

Annotation of the map with textual labels has been extended to allow thumbnails. For example, an associated image document, such as a photo, can be displayed at the location in the Viscovery map to which a patient has been classified. Another new feature allows users to manage labels, group them hierarchically, and hide or show these groupings. This helps users annotate and interpret the Viscovery map on different semantic levels.

The complete list of innovations is available at


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Vienna / Austria, 31 May 2017 Data mining and data visualization specialist Viscovery Software GmbH has released version 7.1 of its visual data-mining suite Viscovery® SOMine. It comes with a unique innovation that empowers exploration of Big Data faster than ever.

Besides numerous usability improvements, the new SOMine version provides various additional functionality: visual exploration of multivariate Big Data, analysis of multiple attribute correlations, determination of score groups with maximal response, and the option to display thumbnail images associated to the ordered data records in the Viscovery model map. The complete list of innovations is available at

Interactive exploration of Big Data has been made possible by allowing arbitrary numbers of records to be represented in Viscovery maps. The innovation is based on Viscovery maps as representations for large data distributions which, although created from samples of the data, are nevertheless applicable to the entirety of the data. The map visualization provides instantaneous descriptive statistics as well as real-time access to original data records. Clusters and statistical profiles can be created, modified and determined in fractions of a second, even for very large datasets. This opens the world of interactive data exploration to Big Data.

Visit the Viscovery website to learn from an example how data scientists used the power of the Viscovery Big Data feature to rapidly visualize and explore tens of millions of US mortality records – with surprising results.


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Vienna / Austria, 30 May 2017 For the fifth time in succession, data mining and data visualization specialist Viscovery Software GmbH reports a significant net profit for the last fiscal year, in which the equity ratio rose to 45%. Business in life sciences continued to develop very well: the share of joint offering projects in total revenues increased again in 2016, and the overall share of consulting service revenues in total revenues amounted to 26%.

In cooperation with its parent company, Biomax Informatics AG, ongoing projects with international clients have met with continued success. Several new license customers were gained, including First Quantum Minerals in Australia, Kojima Industries Corporation in Japan, and the International Finance Corporation in the USA. In addition to the Deloitte consulting group, which have been Viscovery users for many years, PricewaterhouseCoopers has now also chosen Viscovery® SOMine for their analytics services.

Finally, Viscovery continued its penetration of the University and Science market. Numerous universities worldwide acquired Viscovery SOMine licenses for research work, including the University of Bremen, Osaka University and the Nagaoka College. Academic business is particularly beneficial as a long-term driver to generate commercial business. By the end of 2016, more than 800 universities and scientific institutions worldwide have licensed Viscovery SOMine.


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Vienna / Austria, 14 June 2016 Data mining and data visualization specialist Viscovery Software GmbH reports 2015 was the best fiscal year in the history of the company. Both revenues and equity ratio increased significantly, with the net profit margin rising to 37%. The overall share of consulting services in total revenues was about 15%.

This successful result was mainly due to business successes in life sciences which, in cooperation with parent company Biomax Informatics AG, continued to develop well in 2015. Besides ongoing project business with the Centre of Expertise for Chronic Organ Failure (CIRO+) in the Netherlands, substantial revenues resulted from new business in the biotech sector, in particular in the USA.

In addition to revenues from joint-offering projects, local project services and software maintenance, income was produced by new license customers, such as Mead Johnson in the USA, the Transport Accident Commission in Australia, the National Institute for Environmental Studies in Japan, the IT solution provider SHI International in the UK, and the Ministry of Finance in Singapore.

Numerous universities worldwide purchased Viscovery SOMine licenses for research, including the King’s College London, Vilnius University, Universiti Sains Malaysia, and Shizuoka University in Japan.


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Vienna / Austria, 17 September 2015 Data mining specialist Viscovery has released the latest Viscovery® software suite designed to help customers uncover high-value insights in complex data sets. With a new modular architecture, Viscovery SOMine 7 provides improved analytic features and better support for an increasingly diverse user base. More intuitive workflows, better handling of Big Data, and numerous usability enhancements round out the latest Viscovery release.

The new data mining suite Viscovery SOMine 7 contains the complete feature set of the previous standalone tools of the Viscovery 6 product family. All functions formerly provided by these separate products – Viscovery Profiler, Viscovery Predictor, Viscovery Scheduler, and Viscovery SOMine – are now accessible through workflows of Viscovery SOMine 7. Download a summary of the new features from

Viscovery SOMine 7 consists of a basic module, Visual Clusters, which can be operated as a standalone tool, and several extension modules, which allow the system to be flexibly expanded as needed. Viscovery SOMine projects now accommodate up to 5 workflows, depending on the licensed modules. Each workflow can be automated using the corresponding Workflow Automation Service, which is available as part of an additional package.

“Our clients are becoming increasingly diverse – ranging from marketing specialists, data scientists and consultants to researchers and clinicians,” says Dr. Gerhard Kranner, CEO of Viscovery Software. “This release has benefited tremendously from the novel applications and increasingly complex needs our users have presented. Viscovery SOMine 7 is a proven data-mining solution, and as we reach more users we strive to keep it always cutting edge, flexible, easy to use and even elegant.”

Viscovery SOMine version 7.0 is a full major release. Each modular configuration is available as a perpetual license or as a term-license for a specified period of time. Network licenses allow operation of the software for concurrent users. Licenses can be purchased online at or by contacting A free trial version is available online.


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Vienna / Austria, 28 March 2014 With a further increase in sales compared to the previous year and a return on sales of 15%, Viscovery continued on the road to success in 2013. Licenses and services accounted for more than 75% of the total sales. Particularly dynamic growth was seen for business in the Asia-Pacific region, with an increasing trend toward the end of the year for Europe as well.

New customers acquired in 2013 include the Toyota Motor Corporation, Aisin Infotex, and Nippon Medical School. Collaboration with the Deloitte Group continued to grow: in addition to the many country-specific organizations, Deloitte Anjin and Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu chose the Viscovery predictive analytics tool for their professional services. Additional research institutions have newly licensed Viscovery software, including the Research Institute of Shizuoka, Kawasaki Geological Engineering, Kyoto University, University of Piraeus, University of Science Malaysia, and Tohoku University.

The focus for services in 2013 was on the life sciences. In particular, projects in collaboration with the parent company, Biomax Informatics AG, intensified further. Together with the Dutch Centre of Expertise for Chronic Organ Failure (CIRO), research results on comorbidity achieved with Viscovery were published in a well-respected journal (see

As the result of years of development, version 6.0 of the Viscovery Data Mining Suite was released in the previous year. In addition to many improvements in the user interface, this version provides new functions for the clustering and profiling of high-dimensional data, a feature that is required for explorative analysis of biomedical and textual data.


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Vienna / Austria, 15 May 2013 Data-mining specialist Viscovery unveiled the latest major release of the Viscovery ® Software Suite, designed to help customers uncover high-value insights in complex data sets. Viscovery version 6.0 offers numerous enhancements, a more intuitive user interface, and several new features with particular importance for biomedical and genetic analysis. The new version is the culmination of years of software development.

Building on Viscovery’s unique, patented technology for explorative analysis and statistical modeling of complex data, many of the new features emerged from the company’s successful expansion into the life sciences. The Group comparison feature and the Cluster characteristics feature have proven to be particularly crucial for data-mining customers in bioscience and medical research.

Other improvements are designed to monitor process states, display images of clustered objects directly over the analytical model, and provide analytical features, such as a correlation- independent measure for the influence of individual attributes on a target attribute. A re-designed graphical interface, enhanced workflow management and other usability improvements round out the latest version of the Viscovery suite. Download a summary of the new features from

“One of the things customers like most about the new release is that the identification of interesting attributes in very high-dimensional data comes with a multiple testing correction which helps avoid false positives, particularly when the data being analyzed contain thousands of variables,” says Dr. Gerhard Kranner, CEO of Viscovery Software. “By revealing high-value insights, whether they are in customer analytics or biomarker identification, without the time and cost of traditional analysis, Viscovery gives organizations the ability to quickly and intuitively extract critical knowledge from complex data sets.”

Viscovery version 6.0 is a full major release and is available immediately. Existing customers are already being upgraded. A free trial version is available at


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Vienna / Austria, 14 March 2013 Vienna-based Viscovery achieved good results again in 2012. With licenses and services making 85% of the business volume, profits have clearly exhibited stable growth since 2011. Above average increase was realized in the Asia-Pacific region. SOM business (data mining using self- organizing maps) continues in 2013 to take hold in a wider international market.

New customers acquired in 2012 include Japan Aerospace, Honda R&D, the online-game provider Funstage, the Ministry of Finance in Singapore, and the loyalty-program specialist Pinpoint, among others. Meanwhile, Deloitte have expanded their implementation of Viscovery software for their professional services into more than 10 countries. Numerous research institutes and universities continued to work with Viscovery software in 2012, including newcomers Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center, Michigan Technological University, Tokyo University, and University of Southern Queensland.

In cooperation with parent company Biomax Informatics AG, projects in the Life Science were further expanded particularly in the areas of medical research and biomarker identification. Thus, Viscovery provided data mining software and consulting to the new CIRO+ data center in the Netherlands — one of the most outstanding centers of excellence in Europe for diagnosis and treatment of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.


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Vienna / Austria, April 2012 Data mining-specialist Viscovery Software GmbH continues to develop its data-mining business in the life science branch. In collaboration with mother company Biomax Informatics AG, Viscovery is contributing to the establishment of a new data center for CIRO+ in the Netherlands by providing data mining software and consulting. This is the first integrated patient-centric knowledge management system for patient stratification and targeted therapy in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).

"The CIRO+ Data Center allows, for the first time, to better understand patient outcome based on systematic pre- and post-assessment data of more than 3,000 patients over the past 6 years with up to 6,000 clinical data points captured for each patient. The impact of being able to exploit clinical knowledge effectively using state-of-the-art technology cannot be overestimated. This applies to both improved patient care and better management of treatment costs”, as Prof. Wouters, Chairman Board of Directors CIRO+, explained at the announcement of the CIRO+ Data Center launch.

In addition to this project, the Viscovery data-mining approach using SOM methodology is supporting medical research with identification of possible candidates for biomarkers by allowing clinical data to be examined and clustered with genetic data. Recently, projects in drug efficacy as well as the classification of clinical data to distinguish responsive and unresponsive patients have been successfully completed.

The international Cancermotisys research project (, examining the specific effects of stomach cancer drugs, is in its third year and close to completion. Viscovery has been involved in examining the relationship between cancer cell motility and genetic expression data.



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Vienna / Austria, March 2012 Vienna-based Viscovery Software GmbH reported successful results for 2011. As in the previous year, licensing generated 70% of the revenue. The SOM business (data mining based on self-organizing maps) underwent continued internationalization: over 90% of the volume was from international customers representing all continents. New customers acquired in 2011 include Qantas Airways, Oklahoma State Department of Health, iiNet Limited, Toyota Motor Corporation, Emirates Telecommunications Corporation, and Kissei Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

In addition, many research institutes and universities chose Viscovery in 2011, including University of Pretoria, University of Strathclyde, Osaka City University, Kyoto University, Tokyo Institute of Technology, and Micro Ram Enterprise. Product-distribution partnerships were further strengthened, in particular with Dynelytics (formerly SPSS Switzerland) which was extended to countries outside of Switzerland.



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Vienna / Austria, August 2011 Consulting companies of all sizes have used Viscovery in diverse consulting projects for many years. Now Viscovery has entered into an agreement to provide Deloitte, the global professional services organization, with a Viscovery SOMine license, in connection with Deloitte’s AsOne client service offering (

The AsOne archetypes are presented in the book AsOne by Merdad Baghai and James Quigley, which was listed in the New York Times Top 10 economic books. These eight archetypes of work behavior were defined using clusters created with the Viscovery software from customer data.



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Vienna / Austria, May 2011 The data mining specialist Viscovery successfully established itself in the Life Science sector in 2010. In positive synergy with its parent company, Biomax Informatics, they carried out projects in the food industry and in pharmaceutical and medical research. In these fields, Viscovery® Data Mining with SOMs (Self-Organizing Maps) helps researchers find potential biomarker candidates by analyzing and clustering clinical and genetic data.

Viscovery's participation as a partner in the international CANCERMOTISYS research project studying the specific effect of drugs against stomach cancer ( is already in its third year. In this project, Viscovery is examining, among other things, the relationship between the motility of cancer cells and gene expression data.



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Vienna / Austria, April 2011 With strong net revenue growth, the Vienna-based Viscovery had one of the best financial years in its history. The Austrian data mining specialist & SOM expert cites its licensing business, which makes up over 70% of sales, as the reason for their growth. Over 90% of Viscovery's business takes place internationally. In addition to Australia and Japan, the company extended its business to Arab countries in the last year. Besides financial services and telecommunications, Viscovery successfully positioned itself in the life sciences by building on positive synergy with its parent company, Biomax Informatics AG.

Selected new customers include: National Australia Bank, Insurance Australia Group, Etisalat Group (Emirates Telecommunications Corporation), as well as renowned international research institutes such as the Western Australian Institute of Medical Research, consulting firms like Deloitte and Wolters Kluwer, and many universities.

A particularly elegant example of the use of Viscovery SOMs can be found in the book AsOne by Merdad Baghai and James Quigley, which is listed in the New York Times Top 10 economic books. The book presents eight archetypes of work behavior that have been defined on the basis of clusters created with the Viscovery software.

In the commercial sector, classifications of socio-demographic data or data from social networks are also increasingly used. Users can find an entertaining demo of such a classification on, where the visitor can answer a few simple questions to classify his or her preferred styles of music. Viscovery created the demo using a small portion of a data set provided by the Parship online dating service.



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Vienna / Austria, July 2010 Despite the global financial crisis, the Austrian specialist for data mining and predictive analytics reports for 2009 a considerable growth in sales, profit and market share and continues to demonstrate success in the international arena.

New customers acquired in the reported period include Northrop Grumman Information Systems (USA), Deloitte & Touche Forensic & Investigative Services, Inc. (Canada) and Telstra Corporation (Australia). An additional large customer in Australia has entered into final negotiations.

This period also saw the release of Viscovery Suite version 5.2, which includes a new licensing system and further improvements for handling and usability as well as enhanced features for microcluster prediction and high-dimensional data analysis features that are essential for text mining and clustering of gene expression data.



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Vienna / Austria, June 2009 Viscovery Software GmbH confirms its role as a leading provider of data mining and predictive analytics solutions and launches a website update that increases the focus on advice and instruction for users of data mining solutions. In addition to the usual product and company presentation, the new site provides customers with extensive technical information about data mining applications, including publications, scientific articles and interesting links about data mining and self-organizing maps (SOMs). Online demonstrations introduce how to use the software and provide details about particular applications, including an analysis of website visitors based on their click data.

The website update has been designed to streamline visitor searches for relevant information and provide visual, comprehensive information about the software, its application and technology background. Online demos, frequently asked questions, data sheets and an exhaustive list of references provide valuable information for current customers and visitors interested in SOM technology and predictive analytics.



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Vienna / Austria, April 2009 Viscovery Software GmbH, a leading provider of data mining and predictive analytics solutions, licenses Viscovery Predictor to Sport Eybl & Sports Experts GmbH, the leading Austrian sporting goods retailer, to augment their proprietary analyses with improved scoring capabilities for optimizing customer targeting.

To reach a decision, Sport Eybl & Sports Experts evaluated scoring solutions from multiple data mining vendors in the market. We chose Viscovery Predictor because it convinced us with its intuitive user guidance and its superior functionality and capabilities, stated Mag. Heinrich Hammerschmidt, Head of Direct Marketing. This enables us to perform our in-house scoring projects quickly and efficiently at reasonable costs.

Viscovery Predictor, a workflow-oriented solution for scoring, prediction and advanced analysis, along with expert predictive analytics consulting, will provide unique patented capabilities for both non-linear prediction and customer scoring. The ease of creation and handling of models, superior accuracy and advanced analytical functions will allow Sport Eybl & Sports Experts to use relevant aspects of their accumulated data for marketing and media optimization, to develop and assess targeted campaigns, as well as to facilitate decision making processes based on supply.

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Vienna / Austria, April 2009 Viscovery Software GmbH, a leading European predictive analytics company based in Vienna, announces the successful implementation of a data mining system for Mediaprint, one of the largest publishing houses in Austria. The data mining software is a part of Mediaprint's new customer relationship management (CRM) system and allows integrated predictive modeling and explorative data analysis of customer data for use in targeted marketing activities.

Mediaprint has been using the Viscovery data mining system and consulting package since 2007, to optimize customer service, campaign management, and actions targeted to newspaper subscribers. With the implementation of Viscovery, we are now able to perform customer analytics quickly and efficiently in-house for both our newspapers Kronen Zeitung and Kurier, Hans Frohner, Head of Statistics and Analytics at Mediaprint said. Behavior-based segmentation and scoring of customer loyalty have become indispensable for successful customer acquisition campaigns and for our customer retention programs.

Viscovery, a workflow-oriented solution for data mining, provides comprehensive capabilities for exploring customer behavior, creating scoring models, defining customer segmentations, and automating analytical workflows. The ease of creation and handling of models, the visual model representation and advanced analytical functions allows Mediaprint to use relevant aspects of their accumulated data for marketing and media optimization, to develop and assess targeted campaigns, as well as to facilitate decision making processes based on CRM information.



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Viscovery's visual workbench extends data mining to business users

Vienna / Austria, July 2008 - Viscovery Software GmbH, a leading provider of data mining and predictive analytics solutions, has been positioned by Gartner, Inc. in the Magic Quadrant for Customer Data-Mining Applications1. In the report, international data mining vendors were evaluated based on their completeness of vision and ability to execute. In particular the companies' products and services were evaluated, as well as their market responsiveness and track records. Gartner's Magic Quadrant 2008 for Customer Data-Mining Applications includes eight companies worldwide.

"We believe our listing in the Magic Quadrant by Gartner confirms our ability to deliver proven predictive analytics solutions that help our clients easily and quickly evaluate their data and predict future customer behavior," said Gerhard Kranner, CEO of Viscovery Software GmbH. "With the recent launch of version 5 of the Viscovery line of products, we have taken a step further in our mission to make our intuitive visual data mining solution a strategic instrument for a wide range of users."

Intuitive predictive modeling and scoring accuracy set Viscovery apart

The Viscovery suite for visual data mining and predictive analytics covers all functions needed for customer analytics projects - from clustering, customer profiling and segmentation, through scoring and non-linear prediction, up to automatic generation and real-time integration of models. The interactive project environment supports effective model management and contains standard workflows with default parameterizations, which allow simple click-through usage and can be re-used as process patterns.

The robust, high-performance software combines statistical methods with Self-Organizing Maps (SOMs), which allows huge quantities of data to be visualized and handled on a single screen. This intuitive visual approach enables even statistics laymen to explore complex data, recognize relationships, create scoring models and define target groups. Models can be easily deployed in real-time applications and flexibly integrated in verticals for specific application areas.


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Vienna / Avezzano, May 2008 - Micron, one of the world’s largest semiconductor manufacturers, successfully uses Viscovery SOMine for clustering of spatial failure patterns.

The industrial manufacture of integrated circuits is a complex and costly process. Continuous high-quality output and high yields are essential for successful production. Product defects, therefore, need to be detected at an early stage of the production process. Defect patterns on wafers are an important source of information for the identification of production problems.

An important step is to isolate clusters of similar failure patterns and assign individual defects to distinct failure classes. Using Viscovery SOMine, Micron obtained very good results in clustering shading patterns of failing wafers.

Traditionally, defect recognition is performed by yield analysis engineers who inspect the electrical failure map of each wafer. This manual approach is not only time consuming and expensive, but also leads to high levels of misidentification; thus, Micron aims to develop systems for automatic defect recognition.

Free 30-day licenses of Viscovery SOMine available

Viscovery is offering fully functional 30-day trial licenses at for users to explore the capabilities and powerful performance of Viscovery SOMine 5.0 for free.

About Micron

With net sales of $5.69 billion in 2007 and 22,600 employees worldwide, Micron is one of the world’s largest companies focused on memory, storage and imaging semiconductor products. Since 2006, Micron has successfully used the Viscovery software for the analysis of failure patterns in semiconductor production.

About Viscovery Software GmbH

As one of the first data-mining companies in Europe, Viscovery (formerly eudaptics software gmbh) is among the leading vendors of predictive analytics solutions. Since September 2007 Viscovery has been part of the Biomax group.

The Viscovery suite contains unique patented technology for exploratory analysis and statistical modeling of complex data. Comprehensive workflows support the generation of high-performance predictive models, which can be integrated in real time and updated automatically.

For many years, the Viscovery software has been used by more than 300 customers in diversified areas ranging from banking, insurance, telecommunications, industry, media and retail to research organizations and universities.

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Vienna, May 2008 - The data mining vendor Viscovery Software GmbH announces the availability of its data mining module Viscovery® SOMine as an Edition for SPSS® Users. The product gives SPSS users more exploratory data mining power and connects to SPSS software seamlessly.

For SPSS users who need additional data mining functionality and for SPSS Clementine users who want to explore data visually, Viscovery SOMine Edition for SPSS Users is the ideal add-on!

Viscovery is known for its intuitive approach to the exploration and modeling of high-dimensional data and - in addition to a large variety of powerful features - provides workflow guidance for the following:

  • Explorative data mining
  • Visual cluster analysis
  • Interactive segmentation
  • Classification
  • Predictive modeling with Self-Organizing Maps

With Viscovery SOMine 5.0 Edition for SPSS Users, the leading data mining system based on Self-Organizing Maps is now available to SPSS users at special, attractive conditions.

For more information visit and try the Viscovery SOMine software for free for 30 days.

SPSS and other mentioned SPSS products are registered trademarks of SPSS Inc.

Viscovery is a registered trademark of Viscovery Software GmbH.

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Vienna, March 2008 – Version 5.0 of the proven Viscovery SOMine data-mining tool is now available.

Self-Organizing Maps powered by Viscovery

The data mining vendor Viscovery Software GmbH releases the new and fundamentally extended version 5.0 of its popular Viscovery SOMine data mining tool at particularly attractive conditions.

Exploratory Data Mining with Self-Organizing Maps

Viscovery SOMine is the worldwide leading implementation of data mining based on Self-Organizing Maps combined with statistics. The new and completely re-engineered version of Viscovery SOMine now also offers the proven Viscovery workflow system, which unerringly guides the user to the analysis results.

In addition to comprehensive descriptive statistics, the new version provides principal component analysis, correlation matrices and comprehensive graphical statistics such as histograms, scatter plots and box plots. Direct access to the original data records underlying the Self-Organizing Maps and their complete statistics is provided context sensitive during the analytical workflow and through the visual user interface of Viscovery SOMine.

Free 30-day trial license

Viscovery is offering fully functional 30-day trial licenses at for users to explore the enhancements and capabilities of Viscovery SOMine 5.0 for free.

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Vienna, 30 November 2007 – The data-mining specialist Viscovery Software GmbH (Vienna, Austria) launches version 5.0 of the Viscovery® visual analysis platform. In addition to numerous extensions and usability improvements, the new release provides full automation and integration functionality for the generation and application of analytical models.

In particular, the handling of data sets with many variables has been optimized. The Viscovery platform now provides easier and better performance for processing data sets with over 10,000 variables, a common occurrence in text-mining applications or the analysis of gene data. Working with and validation of models has also been substantially extended. In addition to real-time access to original data sets through the visual models, the Viscovery platform provides complete, context-sensitive statistical information about microclusters and selected segments.

Intuitive and interactive data representation for exploratory analyses as well as patented technology for nonlinear prediction make Viscovery 5 an unrivaled data-mining solution. The Viscovery platform meets the demands of a high-end analytic solution including exploratory data mining, prediction and scoring, cluster analysis and segmentation, as well as real-time integration, automation and real-time analytics.

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This year’s CRM-expo takes place on 7–8 November 2007 in Nuremberg. At the CRM Expo, experts, consultants and companies will demonstrate how to successfully find customers and build customer loyalty. During these two days, visitors can gather extensive, detailed information about strategies, concepts and trends in customer relationship management.

Use this opportunity to discuss your issues about predictive analytics and data mining with our experts during this event. To schedule an appointment for an individual meeting, just call +43-1-532 05 70 today. We look forward to hearing from you!

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Vienna / Munich, September 2007 - Eudaptics has merged with the German software house Biomax Informatics AG. With this transaction the Biomax group expands its solution portfolio with data mining capabilities; Eudaptics in turn gains access to the rapidly growing life sciences market for its products.

For this purpose, eudaptics software gmbh has transferred its operational business into the newly founded Viscovery Software GmbH on July, 25th, 2007 and subsequently incorporated Viscovery into the Biomax group as a subsidiary. Thus, the complete business of Eudaptics henceforth will be operated under the name of Viscovery Software GmbH which acts as a competence center for data mining within the Biomax group.

Biomax Informatics AG is a worldwide leading vendor of knowledge management systems, with a focus on life sciences. Biomax and Viscovery systems optimally complement each other, making it possible to provide knowledge management and data mining in one offer. Customers of both companies will benefit from this extension of the product range.

For our business partners these changes in the legal form of the company have no effect on the ongoing business. In particular, the proven Eudaptics team - now as the Viscovery Software GmbH team - will continue to be available to you with all usual services and products.

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Vienna / Tägerwilen, 28 September 2007 – The Austrian data mining specialist Viscovery Software Gmbh has closed an OEM license deal with the Swiss software house SAF AG. Based on this agreement, SAF AG will integrate the Viscovery prediction technology in their application software for the support of item ordering processes. Through the adoption of Viscovery, SAF AG thus aims at further increasing the predictive accuracy und at extending application areas of their products.

The software vendor SAF Simulation, Analysis and Forecasting AG is specialized in developing standard software solutions for the automation of ordering processes in retail and industry. SAF consequently follows the Demand Chain Management approach in which the planning of supply is controlled by the demand behavior of consumers.

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MARTINSRIED, Germany — (9 September 2007) Enhancing and broadening its technology and solution portfolio, Biomax Informatics AG has acquired the operative business of the Austrian data mining specialist eudaptics software gmbh.

This extends the Biomax offering with the Viscovery range of products. With its intuitive visual approach to data exploration, the Viscovery Suite ideally complements the knowledge management system offered by Biomax. This is especially important for areas such as biomarker identification and validation, toxicology and clinical research.

Data mining products and solutions will be offered by Viscovery Software GmbH, a 100% subsidiary of Biomax Informatics AG. More...

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Wien / Sidney, 11.4.2007 - Deloitte Australia setzt im explorativen Data Mining künftig auf die Predictive Analytics Lösung Viscovery. Insbesondere der intuitive Zugang der visuellen Analyseplattform von Eudaptics zu visuellen Clusteranalysen und Segmentierungen sowie die weltweit führende Implementierung von Self-Organizing Maps (SOM) hat Deloitte dazu veranlasst, sein Portfolio um die cutting-edge Data Mining Lösung von Eudaptics zu erweitern.

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Wien, 26.3.2007 - Eudaptics kündigt eine eigene Lösung für Text Mining Anwendungen powered by Viscovery an. Nachdem die hervorragende Eignung der Viscovery Technologie für diese Zwecke in einem Prototyp erfolgreich verifiziert wurde, wird Eudapics in Kooperation mit einem US-Unternehmen eine vertikale Lösung auf den Markt bringen. Im Text Mining werden Dokumente in Form multidimensionaler Datenvektoren in einem 10.000- und höher-dimensionalen Raum geordnet und repräsentiert. Als Ergebnis stehen sie in der gewohnten, einzigartigen visuellen Datenrepräsentation von Viscovery für exploratives Data Mining zur Verfügung. Die Cluster-Quering Funktionalität von Viscovery ermöglicht dabei den Zugriff auf jedes einzelne Dokument über der Repräsentation.

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Wien / Zürich, 16.2.2007 - SPSS Schweiz AG - die Schweizer Vertretung von SPSS, der weltweiten Nummer 1 in Sachen Statistik - wird Vertriebspartner von Eudaptics. Ein eigens von Eudaptics entwickeltes Produkt erschließt den SPSS Benutzern einfach und komfortabel die Mächtigkeit der Viscovery Technologie für exploratives Data Mining, visuelle Clusteranalysen und Segmentierungen in Kombination mit den bewährten SPSS Produkten. Viscovery SOMine - Edition for SPSS Users wird im April vorgestellt und von SPSS in der Schweiz vermarktet.

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Wien / Zagreb, 12.1.2007 – Auch der kroatische Einzelhandels-Marktführer Konzum setzt auf die visuelle Analyseplattform Viscovery der österreichischen Technologieschmiede Eudaptics. Konzum wird Viscovery künftig im Bereich explorativer Analysen sowie Kundensegmentierungen zur Optimierung seines Kundenmanagements zum Einsatz bringen. Konzum ist das größte Unternehmen innerhalb der rasch wachsenden kroatischen Agrokor Group.

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Seit 1999 ist die CRM-expo die Top-Veranstaltung zum Thema CRM in Europa und findet dieses Jahr am 8. und 9. November in Nürnberg statt. An zwei Tagen treffen sich hier die Entscheider und Anwender aus Unternehmen mit den Fachleuten und Spezialisten der Anbieter – in einer sehr persönlichen, direkten Atmosphäre. Hier werden Trends überprüft und gesetzt, die Märkte beobachtet und Erfahrungen ausgetauscht.

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Wien 27.7.2006 - Einer der weltweit führenden Halbleiterhersteller, der aus Wettbewerbsgründen namentlich nicht genannt werden will, setzt auf die Visual Data Mining Kompetenz von Eudaptics powered by Viscovery. Der gewichtige Player im Halbleitergeschäft hat dazu Viscovery Software für fünf international verteilte Labs lizenziert und setzt diese im Qualitätssicherungsbereich für exploratives Data Mining ein. Zu den Kunden von Eudaptics zählen im industriellen Bereich unter anderem Xella ("YTONG"), Hitachi und Mazda.

[News - Eudaptics]

Wien/Zürich 10.2.2006 -TDC Switzerland AG, in der Schweiz bekannt unter dem Markennamen Sunrise, hat als vierter Schweizer Telekomprovider Eudaptics Viscovery lizenziert. Als einziges alternatives Telekomunternehmen der Schweiz bietet Sunrise ein komplettes Lösungsangebot für Privat- und Geschäftskunden aus einer Hand an. Obzwar bereits Analysesysteme anderer Hersteller bei Sunrise im Einsatz waren, hat sich Sunrise nun entschieden, zusätzlich die Vorteile der einzigartigen visuellen Analyseplattform von Eudaptics zu nutzen.. Damit setzen nahezu alle Telekomprovider in Österreich und der Schweiz mittlerweile auf Predictive Analytics powered by Viscovery.

[News - Eudaptics]

Wien / Brück 26.1.2006 – Bereits seit 2001 setzt die Xella Technologie- und Forschungsgesellschaft GmbH erfolgreich Viscovery zur Analyse von Produktionsdaten ein. Aufgrund der positiven Erfahrungen hat Xella nun Eudaptics mit einem umfassenden Projekt zur Analyse und Prognose von Prozessdaten bei der Herstellung von YTONG Porenbetonsteinen beauftragt. Auf der Basis explorativer Analysen von Prozesszuständen und Prognosen von Güte- und Ausschusskriterien soll es dadurch künftig möglich werden, Rezepturen zu optimieren und Produkte mit geringerem Ausschuss, geringeren Kosten und höherer Qualität zu fertigen.

[News - Eudaptics]

Wien / Bad Honnef 4.12.2005 - GFS Data Solutions ist neuer Eudaptics Certified Partner. Damit setzt auch eines der ältesten und erfahrensten Agenturen der deutschen Fundraising Szene auf Predictive Analytics powered by Viscovery.

GFS Data Solutions als Schwesterunternehmen der GFS Fundraising & Marketing hat die Zeichen der Zeit erkannt und bietet als eigenständiges Unternehmen alle Leistungen rund ums Thema Zielgruppen an. Der Fokus liegt dabei auf Analysen zur Zielgruppendefinition sowie auf Controlling von Fundraising - Kampagnen. Kunden, die von diesem Know-how profitieren sind u.a. das Deutsche Rote Kreuz, das katholische Hilfswerk missio international, amnesty international u.v.a.m.

[Events - Eudaptics]

Am 9. und 10. November 2005 findet in Nürnberg die diesjährige CRM-Expo statt. An zwei Tagen treffen sich hier die Entscheider und Anwender aus Unternehmen mit internationalen Experten und Anbietern. Die CRM-Expo zählt seit 1999 zu den Top-Veranstaltungen in Europa zum Thema CRM.

Nutzen auch Sie die Gelegenheit, im Rahmen dieser Veranstaltung Ihre Anwendungen im Bereich Analytisches CRM, Data Mining und Customer Analytics mit unseren Experten zu erörtern, und vereinbaren Sie gleich unter Contact oder +43-1-5320570 einen persönlichen Termin.

[News - Format]

24.9.2005 - Der europäische CRM-Guru Wolfgang Martin über Strategie und Markttrends. Mehr...

[Events - Eudaptics]

Am 12. und 13. September 2005 findet das 4. IIR Forum Business Intelligence Deutschland im Hotel Hilton in Düsseldorf statt. Auch heuer werden wieder zahlreiche Erfahrungsberichte von Unternehmen wie WestLB, UBS, AOL, Quelle, DekaBank uvm. präsentiert.

Auch Eudaptics nimmt an dieser Veranstaltung teil und wird mit einem Ausstellungsstand vor Ort vertreten sein. Sichern Sie sich bereits jetzt unter oder +43-1-5320570 einen persönlichen Termin mit unseren Experten, um auch Ihre Problemstellungen im Bereich Predictive Analytics diskutieren zu können und die einzigartige visuelle Analyseplattform Eudaptics Viscovery kennenzulernen.

[Events - Eudaptics]

Von 14. bis 16. Juni 2005 finden in Chemnitz unter dem Motto "Data Mining - Rechnen Sie mit Ihren Kunden!" bereits die sechste Auflage des DATA-MINING-CUP statt - der weltweit erfolgreichsten Veranstaltung, die eine Anwenderkonferenz mit einem Studentenwettbewerb auf dem Gebiet der intelligenten Datenanalyse verbindet.

Auch in diesem Jahr unterstützt u.a. Eudaptics als Sponsor die Veranstaltung und steht Ihnen für Gespräche mit unseren Experten gerne vor Ort zur Verfügung. Ihren persönlichen Termin können Sie bereits jetzt unter Contact bzw. +43-1-5320570 vereinbaren.

[News - Eudaptics]

Wien/Weiden, 12.5.2005 - WITT WEIDEN setzt auf die Predictive Analytics Lösung des Wiener Softwarehauses Eudaptics. Neben weiteren Kunden im Bereich Versandhandel wie Klingel und Neckermann adressiert die österreichische Technologieschmiede mit ihrer visuellen Analyseplattform Eudaptics Viscovery auch erfolgreich die Zielbranchen Telekom, Banken, Versicherungen und Handel.

[News - Eudaptics]

Wien / Fürstenfeldbruck, 1.5.2005 - Mit 1. Mai 2005 hat Eudaptics das deutsche Beratungs-Unternehmen Schindler Consulting aus Fürstenfeldbruck bei München zum "Eudaptics Certified Partner" ernannt. Mit Fokus auf Deutschland bietet Schindler Consulting Dienstleistungen und Vertrieb für die Viscovery Softwarelösungen an. Diese Consulting Services beinhalten Datenanalysen mit der Viscovery Software, aber auch umfassende Beratungsleistungen im Bereich Customer Behavior Modeling und Data Mining.

[News - Eudaptics]

Wien, 31.3.2005 - Der Data Mining-Spezialist eudaptics software gmbh hat Ende März die neue Version 4.0 seiner visuellen Analyseplattform für Kundendaten releast. Mit zahlreichen neuen Funktionalitäten zählt diese Suite zur Weltspitze der Predictive Analytics Lösungen.

[News - Eudaptics]

Wien / Nicosia, 11.3.2005 - Auch die Zypriotische Telekom (CYTA -, führender Telekom-Provider in Zypern, setzt auf die visuelle Analyseplattform Eudaptics Viscovery. CYTA wird künftig mit den Predictive Analytics Lösungen des österreichischen Softwareherstellers Eudaptics Ihr Kundendatenmanagement optimieren. Eudaptics kann somit seine führende Rolle im Telekom-Bereich weiter ausbauen. Zu den Eudaptics Kunden zählen in diesem Bereich unter anderem bereits Swisscom Fixnet, Swisscom Mobile, Orange, Mobilkom und One.

[Events - Eudaptics]

Am 12. und 13. April 2005 findet das 1. Schweizer IIR Forum Business Intelligence im Ramada-Plaza am Messeturm in Basel statt. Bei diesem Event wird auch Eudaptics vor Ort vertreten sein. Wenn Sie sich mit den Experten von Eudaptics austauschen oder die neuesten Features von Eudaptics Viscovery 4.0 live kennen lernen wollen, bieten wir Ihnen jetzt schon die Möglichkeit, Ihren persönlichen Termin unter Contact bzw. +43-1-5320570 zu vereinbaren.

Wir dürfen darauf hinweisen, dass am 12. April Frau Dr. Maja Stephani von Swisscom Fixnet AG in ihrem Fachbeitrag „Effektives Kampagnenmanagement dank Insight Driven Marketing“ u.a. von Ihren Erfahrungen mit dem Einsatz der visuellen Analyseplattform Eudaptics Viscovery in Kundensegmentierungen berichten wird.

[News - Eudaptics]

Wien, 18.1.2005 - Eudaptics kündigt die Verfügbarkeit der neuesten Release 4.0 seiner visuellen Analyseplattform Eudaptics Viscovery für März dieses Jahres an. Neben einer Vielzahl neuer Funktionalitäten im Bereich Preprocessing, Statistiken und Präsentationsmöglichkeiten enthält die neue Release zusätzliche Features zur weiteren Performancesteigerung sowie zur (inline-) Dokumentation der analytischen Workflows. Diese Erweiterungen setzen die konsequente Business-Orientierung der analytischen Lösungen von Eudaptics fort und bilden einen weiteren Meilenstein für deren Vorreiterrolle im Gebiet Predictive Analytics.

[Event - Eudaptics]

Seit mehr als 5 Jahren ist die CRM-expo die Top-Veranstaltung zum Thema CRM in Europa. An zwei Tagen treffen sich hier die Entscheider und Anwender aus Unternehmen mit den Fachleuten und Spezialisten der Anbieter.

[News - Eudaptics]

Wien/München 28.10.2004 - Die Süddeutsche Zeitung setzt künftig beim Abonnentenmanagement auf das Predictive Analytics Know-how der Wiener Software-Schmiede. Zu den Eudaptics-Kunden im Medienbereich zählen in Österreich weiters Kleine Zeitung, Media Print sowie

[News - Eudaptics]

Wien/Bern 4.10.2004 - Nachdem sich in diesem Jahr bereits Swisscom Mobile für Eudaptics entschieden hat, setzt nun auch Swisscom Fixnet AG strategisch auf die Predictive Analytics Lösungen des österreichischen Softwareherstellers. Als größtes Telekom-Unternehmen der Schweiz bietet die Swisscom-Gruppe das ganze Sortiment an Dienstleistungen und Produkten der Telekommunikation an und ist in der mobilen und netzgebundenen Sprach- und Datenkommunikation sowie im Internet klarer Marktführer in der Schweiz.


STAMFORD, Conn.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Sept. 30, 2004--As part of its ongoing effort to help users evaluate vendor offerings, META Group (Nasdaq: METG) today announced the availability of a METAspectrum(SM) report on the data mining market. Due to this growing channel, META Group expects the data mining market to expand 10% annually over the next few years, with services growing at a commensurate pace. In addition, specialty, niche-based offerings will continue to find their place.

[News - Eudaptics]

Wien/Bern 20.9.2004 - Die Swisscom Mobile AG hat sich für die visuelle Analyseplattform Eudaptics Viscovery entschieden. Swisscom Mobile ist mit einem Marktanteil von über 65% die Nummer Eins in der Schweizer Mobilkommunikationsbranche. Somit konnte Eudaptics einen weiteren Telekomkunden neben One, Mobilkom, Telering und Orange gewinnen.

[News - Eudaptics]

Heilbronn/Wien 16.8.2004 - Electronic Customer Care, verstanden als der Einsatz von Informations- und Kommunikationstechniken zur Gestaltung und Pflege von Kundenbeziehungen im Internet, bietet herausragende Möglichkeiten um eine hohe Kundenbindung als Grundlage einer dauerhaft erfolgreichen Geschäftsbeziehung zu erreichen. Ein Kapitel dieses neu erschienen Buches widmet sich dem Einsatz von SOM-basiertem Customer Behavior Modelling als Schlüssel zur digitalen Kundennähe.

[News - vnunet]

3.8.2004 ( ) - The worldwide customer relationship management (CRM) applications market will clock up sales of $11.4bn (£6.3bn) by 2008, according to recently unveiled market research. IDC found that analytics are becoming critical components of customer management strategies. The analytic components of CRM applications provide businesses with in-depth insight into customer behaviour. The analyst said that worldwide CRM analytic applications software market revenues grew 12.7 per cent to reach a "healthy" $909m (£499m) in 2003.

[News - Eudaptics]

Am 23. Juni 2004 berichtet Ing. Mag. Andreas T. Moser von der Österreichische Kontrollbank auf dem DATA-MINING-CUP von seinen Erfahrungen mit Eudaptics Viscovery für die Prognose von Kreditausfallswahrscheinlichkeiten im Rahmen von Basel II. Mehr...

[News - Eudaptics]

Wien 10.6.2004 - Die eudaptics software gmbh, Lösungsanbieter für Predictive Analytics, gewinnt Donauland als neuen Kunden. Donauland, Österreichs führender Buch- und Medienanbieter, wird künftig mit Hilfe der Lösungen von Eudaptics sein Kundenmanagement weiter optimieren.

[News - Eudaptics]

Wien/München 10.5.2004 - Die BMW Group AG München konnte als neuer Kunde des österreichischen Predictive Analytics Spezialisten Eudaptics gewonnen werden. Sie setzt dabei voll auf die Kompetenz von Eudaptics und lässt in einem ersten Schritt eine Internet-User-Verhaltensanalyse von Eudaptics durchführen.

[Event - Businesscircle]

Am 30. und 31. März findet in Wien die 5. Jahrestagung Customer Relationship-Management des Business Circle statt. Am 31.3. um 14:45 wird Frau Sabine Musil, CRM-Leiterin bei der Generali Versicherungs AG in Wien, von Ihren Erfahrungen im Einsatz von Eudaptics Viscovery bei Generali berichten.

[Event - Eudaptics]

Die exponet Vienna 2004 findet vom 17. - 19. Februar 2004 im Austria Center Vienna statt. Seit mittlerweile mehr als einem Jahrzehnt hat sich die exponet Vienna als zentrale Plattform für den Informationsaustausch zwischen IT-Anbietern und professionellen Anwendern in Österreich etabliert.

[News - Eudaptics]

03.12.2003 - Eudaptics unterstützt seit Oktober diesen Jahres das österreichische eCommerce Competence Center ec3 bei ausgewählten Forschungsprojekten. Im Rahmen dieser Zusammenarbeit ist Eudaptics Mitglied des ec3 geworden, zu dem auch namhafte Unternehmen wie SAP oder T-Mobile zählen.

[News - Wirtschaftsblatt online]

28.11.2003 - Das österreichische Software-Unternehmen Eudaptics, Spezialist für Kundenverhaltensmodelle (Customer Behavior Modelling, kurz CBM), hat ein neues Produkt entwickelt. Mehr...

[News - Computerwelt]

18.11.2003 - Die technische Erfahrung von Eudaptics gebündelt mit dem Branchen-Know-how der Oesterreichischen Kontrollbank ergibt das Basel II-Paket von Eudaptics. Mehr...

[Event - Kamingespräch in der SAP Business School]

Eudaptics und Anite Consulting luden am 25. September 2003 zu einem Kamingespräch in die SAP Business School in Klosterneuburg ein. Als Themenschwerpunkt ging es vor allem um die Frage, welcher ROI aus CRM-Maßnahmen erzielt werden kann. Anhand von Beispielen aus erfolgreich durchgeführten Projekten konnte eindrucksvoll aufgezeigt werden, wie mit geeigneten CRM-Maßnahmen und der richtigen analytischen Vorbereitung bereits im ersten Jahr eine Wertschöpfung erzielt werden kann, die die Kosten mehr als deckt!

Im Zuge der Vorträge wurden CRM-Initiativen auf ihre Wertschöpfung hin durchleuchtet und der Nutzen aus CBM (Customer Behavior Modeling) sowie der aus kontinuierlichen Zukunftsprognosen erwachsende ROI mittels Kundenbindungsprogrammen analysiert.

Mit über 60 Teilnehmern konnte die Veranstaltung zu einer der bestbesuchtesten an der SAP Business School gezählt werden.

Die Vortragenden DI Alexander Mayer (Anite Consulting) und Mag. Bernhard Kuchinka (Eudaptics) können auf reiche Praxiserfahrung in ihren Spezialgebieten des operativen und analytischen CRM zurückgreifen.

Im Anschluss an die Vorträge fanden Diskussionsrunden und eine Weinverkostung statt.

[News - Computerwelt]

01.07.2003 - Wer es nicht zustande bringt, seine Dienstleistungs- und Warenangebote richtig zu bündeln, läuft Gefahr, auf der Strecke zu bleiben. Projektorientierte Unternehmen und genaue Kundenkenntnis sind gefragt. Mehr...

[News - Computerwelt]

01.06.2003 - Am traditionellen Sommerfest der Eudaptics forderte der Data Mining-Spezialist ehrliche Antworten. Mehr...

[News - Informationen für Handel & E-Commerce]

01.04.2003 - Customer Behavior Modeling (CBM) bereichert CRM mit neuartigen Verfahren, die dazu dienen, aus komplexen Datenmengen das Verhalten der Kunden zu modellieren und zu prognostizieren. Dem österreichischen Unternehmen Eudaptics ist es gelungen, eine internationale Spitzenposition zu erringen. Mehr...

[News - Computerwelt]

21.03.2003 - SBS und eudaptics software gmbh kündigen eine strategische Partnerschaft an. SBS will die Viscovery Software-Lösungen des Analyse-Spezialisten unter anderem bei Projekten im Bankenbereich zur Umsetzung der Basel II-Anforderungen einsetzen. Mehr...

[News - medianet]

07.03.2003 - Die österreichischen Entscheidungsträger sind mit den CRM-Systemen unterschiedlich zufrieden, so eine Untersuchung von EUCUSA. Mehr...

[News - Banktechnik & Bankinstitute]

01.03.2003 - Siemens Business Services und die Wiener eudaptics software gmbh gehen eine strategische Partnerschaft ein. SBS wird die Viscovery-Softwarelösungen von Eudaptics unter anderem bei Projekten im Bankenbereich zur Umsetzung der Basel II Anforderungen einsetzen. Mehr...

[News - Computerwelt]

28.06.2002 - Eudaptics, an vorderster Front am Customer Behavior Modeling-Markt, ließ bei ihrem heurigen Sommerfest am Standort Hietzing Farben spielen. Mehr...

[News - Goldener Trend 2002]

24.06.2002 - Venture Capital gilt als heißeste Finanzquelle für Firmengründer. Doch nur wenige Start-Ups kommen tatsächlich für die begehrten Investments infrage. Mehr...

[News - Wirtschaftsblatt]

20.06.2002 - Kundenbeziehungsmanagement ist eines der heissesten Themen des Jahres 2002. Die bisher dürftigen Erfolgsquoten von CRM-Projekten geben jedoch Anlass zur Skepsis. Mehr...

[News - Report]

05.06.2002 - Eudaptics verspricht mit dem Viscovery Decision Maker einfachere Entscheidungsprozess dank Visualisierung von Kundengruppen und deren Verhalten. Mehr...

[News - ChefINFO]

05.06.2002 - Der Viscovery Decision Maker, der neueste Produktrelease des österreichischen Customer-Behavior-Modeling-Anbieters Eudaptics, stellt Zusammenhänge zwischen Daten visualisiert am Bildschirm dar. Mehr...

[News - Computerwelt]

03.05.2002 - Wem nützt das beste Datenmaterial, wenn er es nicht zu interpretieren weiß? Die 1994 gegründete Eudaptics liefert anstatt Zahlen farblich differenzierte Verhaltensprofile und unterstützt auf diese Weise Analyse und Entscheidung. Mehr...

[News - Börsen-Kurier]

02.05.2002 - Aktuelle Methoden der Datenauswertung eröffnen neue Dimensionen der Kundenbeziehungen. Sichtbar gemachte Profile ermöglichen individuelle Anpassungen. Mehr...

[News - Arag Impulse]

01.05.2002 - Ziel des in Zusammenarbeit mit der eudaptics software gmbh durchgeführten Cross-/Upselling-Projekts für die ARAG war, die Kunden in der Rechtschutzversicherung für 2002 zu ermitteln und mit Maßnahmen zur effizienten Durchführung zu unterstützen. Mehr...

[News - Wiener Zeitung]

29.04.2002 - Der Viscovery Decision Maker von Eudaptics, stellt Zusammenhänge zwischen Daten visualisiert am Bildschirm dar. Mehr...

[News - Bluebull]

25.04.2002 - Wann haben Sie das letzte mal minutenlang bei einer Servicehotline einer großen Firma in der Warteschleife gewartet? Nichts dabei, denken Sie, passiert eben mal. Fakt ist, dass Unternehmen die Schätze, die in den Kundendaten lauern, immer mehr nutzen. Mehr...

[News - Wirtschaftsblatt online]

10.04.2002 - Drei Beteiligungen werden demnächst bekannt gegeben. Ecos-Chef Werner Edlinger verlautbarte beim gestrigen 5. Ecos Circle einige News aus der Company. Mehr...